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A Bit Better Diagramming Once Again - Software Ideas Modeler 12.62

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a bunch of new improvements and fixes which improve the overall diagram creation experience.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.61 - Hot Fix

The new version brings a few more fixes and improves the stability of the software.

GIT Support, JavaScript to Diagram, Symbols and More Settings with Software Ideas Modeler 12.60

Software Ideas Modeler 12.60 introduces GIT support, JavaScript code reverse engineering, Symbols sidebar and more settings for the diagram editor. You may also add links and associated diagrams to attributes, operations and enumeration items now. The new version brings a lot of other small improvements and fixes.

Advanced System Analysis - Software Ideas Modeler 12.50

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler introduces three new diagram types: Event Tree Analysis (ETA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Source generation for Protocol Buffer is supported now.

Improved Style Set Editor and Fixes - Software Ideas Modeler 12.48

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler improves Style Set Editor, adds support for .NET Core project format in source code reverse engineering and fixes a lot of issues.

New Settings and Improved Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.47

The new versions brings a few new features and a lot of fixes.

UML Sequence Diagramming Further Enhanced - Software Ideas Modeler 12.46

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool handful of fixes and enhancements.

Added JSON to Diagrams and Improved UML Sequence Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 12.45

The new version improves diagram editing and introduces new documentation templates. Now you can turn a JSON definition to a diagram. In addition, we have worked on overall stability.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.41 - Improved Stability

The new versions brings a lot of small enhancements and fixes.

New Wireframing Tools and Improved Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 12.40

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool Software Ideas Modeler brings a bunch of new great features. The wireframing abilities were greatly extended. There are 2 new wireframing diagrams - Mobile App Diagram and Screen Flow Diagram. Apart from this entity-relationship diagram was improved - it visualizes the enumeration tables better and a new feature allows you to break M:N relationship to an association table and 2 relationships.

Improvements and Fixes in Diagram Editor - Software Ideas Modeler 12.32

The new version brings a few improvements and it fixes found bugs for the better diagramming experience.

Smoother Formatted Text Editing and Auto-Complete Hotfix - Version 12.31

The new version further enhances Software Ideas Modeler. It includes a hotfix for the missing auto-complete bug.

Easier Diagramming, Auto Layout Configuration, Tuned GUI - Software Ideas Modeler 12.30

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool Software Ideas Modeler brings dozens of useful improvements that help you to create your diagrams even easier than before.

Faster Diagram Tool - Software Ideas Modeler 12.21

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler speeds up the rendering during diagram editing. It also fixes found bugs - especially in the sequence diagram.

Enhanced Diagram Editing with Software Ideas Modeler 12.20

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a handful of improvements - better type editing of attributes from the ribbon, advanced deleting options available via shortcut keys and many other small enhancements and fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.16 - Improved Stability

The new version fixes several found bugs.

Better Diagramming Software - Version 12.15

Software Ideas Modeler 12.15 improves reverse engineering from source code, searching and diagramming in general. Links to tutorial articles were added to the Start Page. The known bugs have been fixed.

Better Diagramming Options and Improved Drawing Connector - Software Ideas Modeler 12.10

Software Ideas Modeler 12.10 brings plenty of improvements and fixes. It improves some diagram elements rendering, adds new settings to elements and extends the context bar with new useful buttons. Now, you can set caps of Connector element (Drawing group).

Improved Diagramming in Software Ideas Modeler 12.07

The new Software Ideas Modeler introduces other improvements in drag&drop abilities. Now you may drag&drop enumeration items and instance specifications (objects) to attributes to set their types and default values. The new version also fixes the known bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 - Hot Fix

The new version fixes known bugs. Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 has considerably improved stability.