Software Ideas Modeler News - Software Modeling and Diagramming Tool

Improved Use Case Diagram and Fixed Bugs - Version 11.52

Software Ideas Modeler 11.52 adds new tools to UML use case diagram and fixes found bugs.

Version 11.51 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 11.51 fixes a few found bugs.

Added Support for SharePoint and Improved SysML in Version 11.50

Software Ideas Modeler 11.50 brings support for downloading/uploading from/to SharePoint server. There is also a lot of improvements in SysML diagrams. New version has enhanced overall stability and it fixes a lot of bugs.

Enhanced Requirement Diagram - Version 11.45

The new version improved the requirement diagram and fixes several bugs.

Improved Diagramming and More Options with Version 11.41

Software Ideas Modeler 11.41 brings several improvements and fixes.

Name Styles, Better Glossary and Alias Editor

Software Ideas Modeler 11.40 includes several interesting improvements - multiple name styles, better glossary module and new alias editor.

Better Documentation Templates and Improved Support for Right-To-Left Languages

The new version 11.30 improves documentation templates (support for optional regions was added) and it enhanced support for right-to-left languages. Also several bugs were fixed.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.27 - Hot Fix

This version corrects several bugs.

Improved Documentation - Software Ideas Modeler 11.25

The new versions brings several improvements in documentation generation and documentation editing. It also fixes found bugs.

Improved User Interface Mockups and UML Sequence Diagram Editing

Version 11.20 improves user interface diagrams and diagram drawing in general. It brings also a lot of bug fixes.

Improved User Interface Diagram and State Machine Generation

Software Ideas Modeler 11.17 improves work with UI diagrams and enhances State Machine generation. It also brings other small improvements and fixes.

Improved Overall User Experience and Stability - Version 11.16

The new version introduces several improvements to Element Browser, enhances source code reverse engineering to diagrams and improves overall user experience and stability of the application. There is more than 50 improvements and fixes from the previous version.

Better Entity Relationship Diagramming with Version 11.10

The new release brings more than 50 improvements and bug fixes. It improves general user experience, introduces several improvements for E-R diagramming and enhances C++ code parsing and generation.

Version 11.01 - Hot Fix

The new release fixes few small bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 11 - New Level of Software Modeling and Diagramming

After one year and something a new eleventh major version comes. It brings many breakthrough and original features. It is the biggest jump between two consecutive releases.

Fixed Database Import and Distance Auto Guides - Version 10.68

The new version 10.68 bring several fixes for database reverse engineering and for displaying distance auto guides.

Software Ideas Modeler 10.67 - Important Fixes

This version fixes several recently found bugs. It is recommended to update to this version.

Software Ideas Modeler 10.66 - Small Fixes

New version 10.66 brings couple of small fixes.

Fast and Comfortable Diagramming

Software Ideas Modeler 10.65 improves diagram editing and fixes found bugs. Design diagrams should be even better and faster with the new version. BPMN Sub Process was added to BPMN diagram and Tree element was added to User Interface Diagram.

Smarter CASE Tool For Year 2017

The evolution of Software Ideas Modeler continues also in year 2017. A new version 10.60 is available now. It brings several improvements and fixes found bugs.