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Enhanced Diagram Editing with Software Ideas Modeler 12.20

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a handful of improvements - better type editing of attributes from the ribbon, advanced deleting options available via shortcut keys and many other small enhancements and fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.16 - Improved Stability

The new version fixes several found bugs.

Better Diagramming Software - Version 12.15

Software Ideas Modeler 12.15 improves reverse engineering from source code, searching and diagramming in general. Links to tutorial articles were added to the Start Page. The known bugs have been fixed.

Better Diagramming Options and Improved Drawing Connector - Software Ideas Modeler 12.10

Software Ideas Modeler 12.10 brings plenty of improvements and fixes. It improves some diagram elements rendering, adds new settings to elements and extends the context bar with new useful buttons. Now, you can set caps of Connector element (Drawing group).

Improved Diagramming in Software Ideas Modeler 12.07

The new Software Ideas Modeler introduces other improvements in drag&drop abilities. Now you may drag&drop enumeration items and instance specifications (objects) to attributes to set their types and default values. The new version also fixes the known bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 - Hot Fix

The new version fixes known bugs. Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 has considerably improved stability.

Your Diagramming Tool for Year 2020 - Enhanced Diagramming and Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.05

Software Ideas Modeler 12.05 introduces small features which make the work with relationships and attributes in UML diagrams faster. The new version of this diagramming software brings 6 small improvements and it fixes 14 found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.02 - Fixes and Adjustments

Version 12.02 fixes found bugs and improves the work with the application.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.01 - Fixes

We released the first fix for Software Ideas Modeler 12. It fixes found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12 - New Generation Diagramming

After more than a year of development, a new version of Software Ideas Modeler is ready for you. It brings an unprecedented number of new features and improvements compared to the previous version. We have more than 250 of them.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.101 - Various Fixes

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler fixes the found bugs.

Fixed BPMN a SysML and Source Code Reverse Engineering in v11.100

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler fixes six found bugs.

Improved Source Code Generation to C# and Better BPMN Diagramming - Version 11.99

Software Ideas Modeler 11.99 brings small improvements to C# source code generation. New transitions between BPMN elements were introduced which will improve the diagram editing when using right drag&drop and context bar.

Improved Start Up Time and Auto Expanding Bounds

Software Ideas Modeler 11.98 brings several useful improvements and fixes the reported bugs and problems.

Enhanced Export to BPMN Format, Mono and Linux Fixes (Version 11.97)

This version of Software Ideas Modeler further improves BPMN export and fixes bugs under Mono and Linux.

Improved Export to BPMN Format and Fixed ERD Relationship Creation

The March update of Software Ideas Modeler improves BPMN export and image export dialog. Also known bugs were fixed.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.95 - Important Fix

The new version fixes a very unpleasant bug which can corrupt your project after printing only selected elements. There are also other stability improvements.

Improved Source Code Generation and Reverse Engineering

Software Ideas Modeler 11.94 brings several small improvements and various fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.93 - Hot Fix

This version fixes a few reported bugs.

Fresh Release of Your Diagramming Tool in 2019

Software Ideas Modeler 11.92 is a first release in year 2019. It fixes various bugs and it brings small improvements.