Software Ideas Modeler News - Software Modeling and Diagramming Tool

Improved attributes and operations in version 8.20

New version 8.20 adds new modifiers to attributes and operations and improves displaying relationships in the project tree.

Version 8.11

This new release fixes reported bugs.

Parsing C++, Ruby and Improved Stability

New version improves source code parsing, adds new supported programming languages - C++ and Ruby and fixes found bugs.

Design diagrams effectively with version 8

The new version includes more than 140 improvements and fixes. It brings a lot of new options and new tools which allows you to design your diagrams more effectively.

Draw Your Diagrams with a New Version 7.71

New version fixes a lot of found bugs.

Diagram Frames, Splitting Relationship using Element

Version 7.70 includes many interesting improvements as relationship splitting, better renaming or added diagram frames. It also fixes found bugs.

Improved Parsing and Other Fixes in Version 7.62

The new version brings a dozen of enhancements, mostly fixed bugs.

Version 7.61

This version fixes found bugs.

Version 7.60 with Single Click Editing, Improved Documentation

The new version includes 25 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

Better Snap Lines, Visual Aid for End Point Locking and Much More in 7.50

Version 7.50 enhances stability, improves toolbox, relationship locking and much more. There is overall more than 50 improvements and fixes.

Version 7.46 - Hotfix

Version 7.46 is a hotfix of two annoying bugs.

Improved states and much more in version 7.45

Version 7.45 brings 11 improvements and fixes 12 bugs.

Useful improvements in version 7.40

Innovation continues with the new version 7.40. It brings more than dozen improvements. You can copy elements faster. Now it is possible to replace the model of an element in a diagram using the new tool.

Version 7.31 - new template language commands

Version 7.31 fixes reported bugs and adds few improvements in source code generation and template language.

Better Use Cases and Work with Model

Version 7.30 improves use cases and enhances handling with shared elements.

Access object properties from context menu in project tree

Version 7.21 fixes found bugs and adds small improvements.

Diagrams can be created even faster with version 7.20

Version 7.20 includes new interesting features and improvements, which allows you to create diagrams even faster and easier.

Duplicate diagrams, convert elements and manage filters with 7.10

Version 7.10 is a new feature version of Software Ideas Modeler. It allows you to duplicate diagrams, convert elements and manage filters. There are also other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 7.01

Version 7.01 fixes reported bugs in version 7.

Seventh Major Version of Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler made another big step to better fulfill your requirements and enlarge the community of satisfied users. The seventh major version brings more than 100 new features and improvements.