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Reorder diagrams in Model Overview and adjust content for documentation

Version 6.85 gives you a better control over documentation generation and allows you to adjust the order of diagrams in Model Overview window. Overall there is more than 10 new features and improvements and 6 fixed bugs.

Rounded rectangles and colors in documentation

Version 6.80 allows to draw custom rounded rectangles and change colors of text and background in documentation editor. Also several found bug were fixed.

Version 6.75 with field ordering

New version 6.75 allows to order attributes and operations by name, type and visibility and stereotypes by name. It also fixes found and reported bugs.

Diagram settings for showing parts and drawing stars

Version 6.70 offers many interesting improvements. Now you can draw configurable stars and easily set which parts of elements should be displayed for the whole diagram. Also few bugs were fixed.

External resources and improved interfaces

Version 6.60 improves interfaces, fast editor, adds support for external resources and many other improvements and fixes.

Version 6.52

New version adds several improvements and new features and enhances stability.

Version 6.51

Version 6.51 fixes reported bugs and it also brings some improvements.

More options with version 6.50

Version 6.50 is more configurable. It fixes reported bugs and adds new features.

A lot of improvements in version 6.30

Version 6.30 brings almost 50 small improvements and fixes. This version allows to set auto path for relationships - then the paths are automatically routed by adjusted A* algorithm.

Improved relationships and other enhancements in 6.20

Version 6.20 introduces new style of relationship line - rounded rectangular. There are also other improvements and fixes.

Version 6.17

New version makes locking of both ends of relation line easier. Discovered bugs were fixed.

Version 6.16

New version fixes the reported bugs and adds small improvements.

Enhanced C++ code generation and improved attributes

Version 6.15 adds new source code template for C++, adds new features for UML attributes and associations. It also fixes reported bugs.

Version 6.12

This release improves the stability of the application.

Version 6.11

An important update which fixes application crashes in special cases and other bugs.

New Move tool, Connection string manager and 22 other improvements in version 6.10

Version 6.10 is coming with 24 new features. It also fixes 16 bugs. The most important features are Move tool, Connection string manager and handling of existing file conflicts during batch export.

First fixes for version 6 and updated Dutch translation

Version 6.01 fixed the bugs and updates Dutch translation.

Registered User Accounts

This website was updated today. It provides special features for registered user.

Sixth Major Version - Modern Diagramming Tool

Evolution of Software Ideas Modeler goes on with the version 6. It brings the improvements across the entire program.

New website and new logo

New website was launched and also the new logo of Software Ideas Modeler was introduced.