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Shortcut Keys for Context Bar and Better Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 13.10

The diagramming tool Software Ideas Modeler comes in a new version 13.10. It brings several improvements in the diagram editor, and it fixes the found issues.

Improved SQL, NSD, DMN and Others - Software Ideas Modeler 13.06

Apart from overall stability, the new Software Ideas Modeler improves universal SQL DDL template, mapping definition, and diagramming experience, especially in DMN and NSD.

Better Styling and Diagramming with Software Ideas Modeler 13.05

The new version enhances the capabilities of Element Details Note and improves working with N-S and IDEF1X diagrams. An easier way of name styling was introduced. Also, some inconsistencies in style applying were fixed.

Improved User Interface Diagram and Synchronization to SI Server - Software Ideas Modeler 13.03

The new version brings small improvements to user interface diagrams, improves the Field context tab in the ribbon and fixes the found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.02 - Improved Chart Editing

The new version brings several fixes and improvements, mainly in chart editing.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.01 - Rotation and Other Fixes

The new version fixes issues mainly regarding rotation and IDEF1X diagrams.

Software Ideas Modeler 13 with 13 New Diagram Types

We want to present you a new major version – Software Ideas Modeler 13. A lot of notable new features are introduced. There are more than 120 improvements. Hopefully, these will be found useful by you, our users, and they will help you design better diagrams and models faster and easier.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.96 - Hot Fix

The new release fixes reported bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.95 - Fixes

Software Ideas Modeler 12.95 fixes newfound issues.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.94 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 12.94 brings several important fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.93 - Better ERD, Connection Strings and Server Synchronization

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler improves entity-relationship diagram, connection strings handling, and synchronization with Software Ideas Server.

Other Print Improvements and Better Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.92

The new Software Ideas Modeler brings other improvements to printing. You can omit the empty pages from the printed output now. The overal stability was improved once again by fixing other issues in various part of the software.

Better Printing and Improved SysML Diagramming - Version 12.91

Software Ideas Modeler 12.91 brings 17 improvements and fixes for a better diagramming experience. The new Auto printing mode ensures that the diagrams will be print by their individual page settings.

Drawing Perpendicular Connectors - Software Ideas Modeler 12.90

The new version supports drawing perpendicular connectors when holding SHIFT during their drawing. Several found bugs were fixed.

Improved Diagramming and Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.89

The new Software Ideas Modeler 12.89 fixes several found bugs.

Drag & Drop Diagramming Options Improved - Software Ideas Modeler 12.88

The new version improves drag&drop options in the diagram editor and fixes multiple issues in the desktop application as well as in Software Ideas Server.

Improved Documentation Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 12.87

The new Software Ideas Modeler improves the default documentation template. It supports the requirements table and tagged values for diagrams, elements, and operations. The new version also improves general diagramming and application stability.

SQLite and General SQL DDL Script Generation, Improved Python Source Code Generation in Version 12.86

The new version 12.86 of Software Ideas Modeler enhances source code generation options for SQL and Python. It also brings some other small improvements and fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.85 - Hot Fix

The new Software Ideas Modeler 12.85 fixes reported issues.

Improved Python Code Generation and Reverse Engineering, Better Layers Panel in Software Ideas Modeler 12.84

The new version supports properties and setters in Python, parsing documentation for classes from C# code, improves Layers panel, and adds support for rounded style to more elements.