Software Ideas Modeler News - Software Modeling and Diagramming Tool

Version 4.82 with lots of fixed bugs

This version includes lots of fixed bugs and several small improvements.

Version 4.81 - JavaScript support, German translation and minor improvements

Source code generation for JavaScript is supported now. This release improves work with timing diagrams too.

Version 4.80 - New Elements and Better Work with Relations

Version 4.80 brings new important improvements.

Version 4.72

Small usability improvements and bug fixes.

XMI Export and Better Sequence Diagrams in 4.70

Version 4.70 fixes known bugs, improves sequence diagram and support export to XMI.

Version 4.60

Some new features and bug fixes.

Version 4.50 with Batch Export and Print

Seventeen new features wait for you in version 4.50.

Version 4.15 - What Is New?

This versions includes thirteen improvements.

Version 4.10 - bug fixes and new features

New version of (I hope) your favorite UML tool was released. It brings several improvements and bug fixes.

Bug fixes for version 4

This week three updates was released.

Version 4.0 with Dozens of Improvements

Version 4 is the biggest jump in the history of Software Ideas Modeler.

What is happening with version 4.0?

Version 4.0 was supposed to be released yesterday, but my estimation was wrong.

Version 3.40

Other bugs fixed.

Version 3.39

Small usability improvements.

Version 3.36

Fix for other bugs.

Version 3.33

New version with "magic" number 3.33 fixes problems with styles in project.

Version 3.32 with Czech Localization

This version fixes other bugs and adds new localization - Czech (thanks to Jiří Šafra).

Version 3.31

Fixed bugs.

Version 3.29

Critical bug fixed.

Version 3.28

There are five new small improvements in this version.