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Version 4.103

Fixes some minor issues.

Version 4.102

Except for fixed errors is this version available also in French thanks to Nadir Benyoub. I also thank Gwendal Toullec for some corrections.

Version 4.101 - Bug Fixes

This release fixes bugs found during last weeks.

Version 4.100

Small improvements and fixed found bugs.

Version 4.99

Fixes a bug from previous version.

Version 4.98 - Improved Sequence Diagram Editing

Version 4.98 improves editing of sequence diagrams and fixes found bugs.

Version 4.97

After about a month new version was released. It contains small improvements and fixes found bugs.

Version 4.96

New small improvements and fixed bugs.

Version 4.95

Small improvements and fixed bugs.

Version 4.94

This new release fixes new reported bugs.

Version 4.93 - Hotfix

Since some annoying bugs were reported, I decided to release this hotfix very quickly. (However, these bugs were not introduced in version 4.92.)

Version 4.92 with Portuguese Translation and Other Improvements

New release fixes known bugs and brings small improvements. The most important change is locking of open project file for writing - this lock avoids an accidental rewrite of file.

Version 4.91 - new improvements

After few weeks, new version of your favorite UML tool was published. This release includes a lot of useful improvements and fixes known bugs.

Version 4.90 with Auto Update

Another bunch of small improvements.

Version 4.88

New week - new version with fixed reported bugs and new small improvements.

Version 4.87 - small improvements and Dutch translation

Fixed bugs and small improvements.

Better portable version, Spanish translation and a lot of improvements

Version 4.86 is bringing a lot of small improvements and fixes.

Version 4.85

Small improvements and fixed reported bugs.

Timing Diagram

UML diagram, which a specific type of interaction diagram where the focus is on timing constraints.

First update for year 2011

There is first update of this year with fixed bugs and minor improvements available for download.