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Improved Diagramming and Enhanced Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.87

The latest version of Software Ideas Modeler includes several new features and improvements, as well as a number of bug fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.86 - Hot Fix

This release fixes some new bugs.

Improved Open API and Data Modeling in Software Ideas Modeler 13.85

Software Ideas Modeler 13.85 includes various improvements in data modeling and Open API diagramming. The layout of the Properties dialog is more consistent - the edit boxes and fields are aligned better.

Improved Chart Editing - Software Ideas Modeler 13.81

Software Ideas Modeler 13.81 improves chart editing and fixes various issues in source code generation.

Open API and WSDL Service Definition Support - Software Ideas Modeler 13.80

Software Ideas Modeler 13.80 supports a bunch of service development-related features, including OpenAPI and WSDL definition reverse engineering and definition generation from diagrams.

XAML Generation for WPF and MAUI from User Interface Diagram - Software Ideas Modeler 13.70

Software Ideas Modeler 13.70 includes new templates for WPF and MAUI XAML code generation. It also improves work with model versions. The hierarchy diagram generation supports more options.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.66 - Hotfix

This hotfix solves some application crashes.

Object Pascal Types and New Protocol Buffer Template - Software Ideas Modeler 13.65

The new Software Ideas Modeler comes with a new Object Pascal type set and Protocol Buffer template. The user interface was slightly enhanced. You can notice that opening projects with many open tabs is very quick now. The stability of the application was further improved especially for long runs.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.61 - Hotfix

The new version fixes some new minor issues.

Better Dark Mode and Optimized GUI in Software Ideas Modeler 13.60

Software Ideas Modeler 13.60 brings evolutionary changes to its user interface. Dark mode is optimized through the application.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.51 - Hotfix

This release fixes three issues in Software Ideas Modeler.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.50 with Generic Types and Type Parameters, Improved UI and Better C++ Generation

The new version improves type system - the types support generics and parameters. The user interface of the application was improved - especially the tab controls in Properties dialogs. You can also find other improvements in C++, C# and VB.NET source code generation and IDEF1X diagrams.

Better Object Model Information and Navigation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.45

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler provides better information about related elements for the selected element and allows you to navigate to other related elements easily. It adds a new option to hierarchy generation - label specification for the branches. C++ source generation gets support for namespaces and pure virtual methods.

User Interface Improvements - Software Ideas Modeler 13.43

The new release enhances some details in the user interface and improves the overall stability of the software.

Improved Stability and User Interface for High DPI in Software Ideas Modeler 13.42

Some parts of the application user interface did not work correctly with higher DPI settings. The new version fixes that as well as some unexpected behaviors and crashes. You can find the details in the released notes.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.41 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 13.41 fixed found issues.

Source Code Linking, Improved Hierarchy Generation, Better Screen Flow Diagram and More in Version 13.40

Discover more than fifty improvements in the new Software Ideas Modeler 13.40. Screen Flow Diagram supports more design options. You can navigate from reverse-engineered elements to its source code. Generated hierarchy diagrams have more layout options. The new version also includes many user interface improvements and various fixes.

Improved Source Code Parsing and Model Navigator - Software Ideas Modeler 13.35

The new version improves the Parser sidebar and overall performance of source code parsing. Model Navigator has gained support for arrow key navigation. Various bugs were fixed.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.31 - Fix Version

The new version 13.31 fixes the found bugs.

Multi-Section Documentation, Improved Diagram Editing and Source Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.30

The new version brings almost fifty improvements. It includes multi-section documentation, better source code generation, more container layout options, and improved search.