Model Snippets

Useful snippets of models and diagrams.

Design Patterns

Software design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems within a given context in software design. This category offers diagrams for the known design patterns.

Style Sets

Additional style sets for Software Ideas Modeler.


Builder (Design Pattern)

Builder pattern simplifies the creation of complex objects and unifies the creation process for different types of objects. The products created by a concrete builder may be subclasses of different product classes.

ATM Workflow (Flowchart)

ATM usage in a flowchart.

ATM (Data Flow Diagrams)

ATM processes in data flow diagrams. A comparison of two notations: Gane & Sarson and Yourdon & Coad.

Decorator Design Pattern (UML Diagrams)

The decorator pattern is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an object, dynamically, without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class.

Stack and Queue Data Structures (Diagrams)

Stack and queue data structures depicted in UML and schematic diagrams.

Linked Lists (UML Class Diagrams)

Linked list and doubly linked list data structures depicted in UML diagrams.

Subtle Shades (Style Set)

Fine pastel shades of colors.

Neat (Style Set)

A simple professional-looking style set.

Adapter Design Pattern (UML Class Diagram)

If you want to make existing code work with another existing code without modifying any of the existing interfaces you can use Adapter design pattern.

Users (Entity Relationship Diagram)

Model of user module including rights, roles and user access logging.