Chat Portal (Project, Diagrams)

This example project describes the design of a chat portal expressed by UML diagrams and a wireframe (User Interface Diagram).

Bridge (Design Pattern)

Bridge is a design pattern which allows you to separate an abstraction from its implementation. It leads to a less complex code with separate class hierarchies. The abstraction actions are delegated to an Implementation object.

Builder (Design Pattern)

Builder pattern simplifies the creation of complex objects and unifies the creation process for different types of objects. The products created by a concrete builder may be subclasses of different product classes.

ATM Workflow (Flowchart)

ATM usage in a flowchart.

ATM (Data Flow Diagrams)

ATM processes in data flow diagrams. A comparison of two notations: Gane & Sarson and Yourdon & Coad.

Decorator Design Pattern (UML Diagrams)

The decorator pattern is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an object, dynamically, without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class.

Stack and Queue Data Structures (Diagrams)

Stack and queue data structures depicted in UML and schematic diagrams.

Linked Lists (UML Class Diagrams)

Linked list and doubly linked list data structures depicted in UML diagrams.

Adapter Design Pattern (UML Class Diagram)

If you want to make existing code work with another existing code without modifying any of the existing interfaces you can use Adapter design pattern.

Users (Entity Relationship Diagram)

Model of user module including rights, roles and user access logging.

Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)

A diagram of classes in Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Class diagram.

Restaurant Orders (UML Use Case Diagram)

A diagram with use cases for Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Use Case diagram.

BPMN Overview (BPMN Diagram)

Overview of BPMN tasks, events and gateways.

Model–View–Viewmodel (Layer Diagram)

MVVM is a software architectural pattern which separates development of GUI (e.g. through markup language, XAML) from development of the business (back-end) logic.

Book Reading Lifecycle (UML Statemachine Diagram)

A lifecycle of reading a book depicted in a statechart.

Flowchart Overview (Flowchart)

Flowcharts offers easy and clear way of depicting algorithms, workflows, processes. This diagram provides an overview of all flowchart elements.

C# Naming Conventions (Flowchart)

How to name your class, method, property or field? It is good to follow the naming conventions. This flowchart shows whether to use pascal case or camel case in your C# code.

User Interface Diagram Overview (User Interface Diagram)

Overview of user interface diagram elements. An example of wireframe.

Computer Network Diagram Overview (Computer Network Diagram)

A computer network diagram shows the nodes and connections among nodes in a computer network (or any telecommunications network) in a schematic way. This diagram shows an overview of all diagram elements.

Computer (UML Composite Structure Diagram)

Processor, memory, motherboard, hard disk, power supply unit - the structure of computer hardware described in UML composite structure diagram.

Program Without Bugs (Flowchart)

How to create a program without bugs. Look at this flowchart.

Hotel Room Booking System Use Cases (UML Use Case Diagram)

Example of use case diagram. A part of Hotel Room Booking System series.

Entity Relationship Diagram Overview (Entity Relationship Diagram, Chen Notation)

An overview of all elements of E-R diagram (Chen Notation).

Agile Development (Flowchart)

This approach supports quick response to changes and encourages flexibility.

Waterfall Development (Flowchart)

Waterfall model is a linear sequential way of software development.

UML Class Diagram Overview (UML Class Diagram)

Example of UML class diagram with various element types.

Hotel Room Booking System (Entity-Relationship Diagram)

Example of entity-relationship diagram.

How to Draw a Diagram (Flowchart)

How to create a perfect diagram? It seems easy... or not?